20 Inspiring Blog Examples to Fuel Your Own Success

The vast world of blogs encompasses an endless variety of topics and niches. Whether you are passionate about photography, finance or travel, there is a blog out there for you. And if you are thinking about starting your own blog, there is no better inspiration than looking at successful blog examples that are already thriving.

20 Blog Examples to Elevate Your Blog

Here are 20 blog examples across different niches that you can draw inspiration from:

Tech Blogs

  • TechCrunch: A go-to source for all things tech, TechCrunch offers breaking news, gadget reviews and analysis of tech trends. TechCrunch delivers insightful breakdowns keeping readers informed and engaged, with its finger on the pulse of the tech world.
  • The Verge: The Verge covers tech news, reviews and features with a focus on lifestyle and culture. It is known for its in-depth articles and high-quality videos. The Verge offers compelling articles appealing to tech enthusiasts and guides for casual readers alike.

Lifestyle Blogs

  • Cup of Jo: Founded by Joanna Goddard, Cup of Jo peeks into her daily life, with posts on motherhood and home decor. In her blog she shares snippets of her life, creating a soothing digital space for readers.
  • Design Sponge: A lifestyle blog focusing on design, DIY projects and creativity, Design Sponge provides inspiration for making your home beautiful. They have created a community of like-minded individuals passionate about aesthetics.

Beauty & Fashion Blogs

  • Into The Gloss: This blog dives deep into the beauty world, offering product reviews and makeup tutorials. It also posts interviews of beauty industry experts offering inspiration for beauty enthusiasts.
  • Man Repeller: Man Repeller pushes the boundaries of traditional fashion blogging, with a focus on individuality and self-expression. They offer refreshing takes on a style that encourages readers to express themselves boldly and authentically.

Health & Fitness Blogs

  • Nerd Fitness: This blog makes fitness fun and approachable, using gamification and pop culture references to motivate readers, making fitness accessible. Nerd Fitness injects fun and motivation into workouts, inspiring readers to embark on their fitness journey with enthusiasm.
  • Popsugar Fitness: Packed with workout routines, healthy recipes and motivational tips, Popsugar Fitness is a one-stop shop for all things health and fitness. Popsugar Fitness offers a wealth of workout routines, nutritious recipes and uplifting tips to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, all in one place.

Education Blogs

  • Khan Academy: This educational blog offers free online courses on a wide range of academic subjects, making quality education accessible to everyone. Breaking down barriers to education, Khan Academy empowers learners worldwide to pursue knowledge.
  • TED Talks: The official blog of the TED conference series, TED Talks features blog posts based on inspiring TED Talk presentations. Their blog complements its renowned conference series by sharing thought-provoking insights and stories that spark curiosity and drive positive change.

Business & Marketing Blogs

  • Seth Godin’s Blog: Marketing guru Seth Godin shares his insights on marketing, leadership and business in his blog, which is a must-read for entrepreneurs. Gain an invaluable understanding of marketing and leadership from Seth Godin, a respected authority in the business world.
  • Social Media Today: This blog provides news, tips and insights on all things social media, helping businesses leverage social media platforms for marketing success. Content writing examples can elevate marketing for aspiring writers who want to hone their craft and learn from established voices in the industry.

Finance & Investment Blogs

  • Mr. Money Mustache: This blog promotes financial independence and early retirement through a focus on frugality and smart investing. It empowers readers to take control of their financial future and reduce uncertainty.
  • The Motley Fool: Offering financial advice, stock market analysis and retirement planning tips, The Motley Fool is a valuable resource for investors. They provide nuanced blogs for investors of all levels.

If you are looking to launch a blog on finance but need more time or expertise to create compelling content, professional blog writing services can also be a worthwhile investment. 

Food Blogs

  • Smitten Kitchen: This blog features delicious and easy-to-follow recipes, making it a favourite among home cooks.
  • David Lebovitz: Parisian-based food writer David Lebovitz shares his culinary adventures and recipes on his blog, offering a taste of French cuisine.

Travel Blogs

  • The Blonde Abroad: Travel blogger extraordinaire Kiersten Richman shares her travel experiences and tips on her blog, The Blonde Abroad. Her globe-trotting adventures and insider tips, inspire readers to embark on their own epic journeys.
  • Adventurous Kate: Adventurous Kate focuses on budget travel and adventure activities, inspiring readers to explore the world on a shoestring budget. She proves that adventure knows no bounds, offering helpful advice and thrilling tales to evoke your wanderlust.

Photography Blogs

  • Digital Photography School: This blog provides tutorials, tips and inspiration for photographers of all levels with comprehensive tutorials. They cater to photographers of all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros.
  • Explora: National Geographic’s photography blog, Explora, showcases stunning photography and behind-the-scenes stories from National Geographic photographers. The blog gives you a glimpse of the stories behind the lens and ignites your curiosity and sense of wonder.

These are just a few blog examples of the many successful blogs out there. By exploring these blogs and others in your niche, you can gain valuable insights into what makes a blog successful. 


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