A Comprehensive Guide to Maximo Application Suite for the Utilities Sector

Companies in the energy and utility sectors are essential for improving the environment. Clean, renewable energy is a key part of global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and meet the growing need for energy that is cheap, reliable, and sustainable. IBM has taken innovative initiatives to leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI)-driven and internet of things (IoT)-driven solutions, powered by data and insights. 

IBM Maximo® Application Suite offers two essential solutions for energy and utility companies: IBM Maximo® Health and Predict – Utilities for Asset Performance Management (APM) and IBM Maximo® Utilities for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). 

Read the article for an in-depth understanding of the Maximo Application Suite functions, features, advantages, and other associated details. 

What is the Maximo Application Suite?

The Maximo Application Suite, also referred to as MAS, is an integrated suite of IBM applications that can be deployed across multiple clouds. It gives businesses the ability to improve the reliability of their assets by providing centralized access to applications, such as Maximo Manage and Maximo Monitor. These applications enable remote asset monitoring, maintenance, and reliability.

Moreover, enterprise asset management and maintenance management are combined on an asset management platform called the IBM Maximo Suite. Businesses may track and manage all aspects of the lifetime of their enterprise assets, such as communications, production, hardware, facilities, software, and transportation, using a single system. Moreover, users can have insight and control over the state and operation of assets using this centralized functionality, which also helps to reduce downtime.

Maximo Application Suite Applications

  • Maximo Manage – Enables intelligent asset management 
  • Maximo Monitor – Useful to monitor and detect anomalies 
  • Maximo Health – Essential for 360 degree views of assets 
  • Maximo Predict – Predict failures 
  • Maximo Visual Inspection – Significant for AI-Powered Insights 
  • Maximo Assist – Offers prescriptive assistance 
  • Maximo Safety – Useful to get actionable insights into worker safety 

What is the Purpose of the Maximo Application Suite?

The Maximo Suite gives you a single, integrated platform for keeping track of, managing, and maintaining your assets with more information and the ability to make better decisions instantly. 

It is possible for businesses to save 15–20% of their total budget by using predictive maintenance. The Maximo Application Suite allows organizations to cut down on maintenance costs and boost asset availability with the help of features, such as remote asset monitoring and the consolidation of maintenance and reliability apps into a single platform.

The suite includes a comprehensive set of tools, such as work order management, predictive maintenance, inventory management, and analytic reporting. Users can upgrade enterprise asset management (EAM) software, set up new assets, and maintain all types of assets across a variety of sites and locations. It further helps users improve uptime and remains accessible from nearly any device. It may be deployed either in the cloud or on your own premises. 

Benefits of Maximo Application Suite

Here is a breakdown of the reasons that highlight the significance of the Maximo Application Suite for various utility sectors.

Enhance Maintenance Procedures and Strategies

The application suite can conduct an analysis of both historical and real-time data to evaluate the state of an asset, forecast when it will fail, and prepare condition-based maintenance plans and schedules.

Prioritize Maintenance and Replacement

Maximo Application Suite makes it possible for the operations, maintenance, and financial professionals to decide more wisely on scheduling maintenance, asset replacement, and new infrastructure expenditures.

Employ Industry Best Practices

It jump-starts operations with embedded data models, workflows, and processes for power production, water treatment, and wastewater management, as well as for the transmission and distribution of gas and electricity.


Greater Availability

The service level agreement that you have with your MaaS provider ensures that you will have a higher level of IBM Maximo availability. They provide monitoring that is available around the clock to handle any complaints regarding performance. Monitoring the performance of the system from beginning to finish enables notifications to be delivered if the system encounters bottlenecks or outages.

Features of Maximo Application Suite

Here is a detailed look at the key features of the Maximo Application Suite.

Reduce Downtime and Costs

It optimizes and automates asset management and maintenance to enhance operational performance.

Extend Asset Life Cycles

It helps you get a better return on your assets with financial and performance analytics.

Unify Asset Management Procedures

It allows for the personalization of workspaces, work plans, and add-ons to guide teams to the most crucial tasks and data.

Multi-Cloud Deployment for Greater Flexibility

Through the utilization of the Red Hat® OpenShift® run-anywhere module, it is possible for Maximo Suite to be operated on any cloud. 


IBM Maximo Application Suite is a robust core module that enables consistent asset management across an entire organization. Users can define class, sequences, and identity in the asset template and apply conditional expressions to classify assets. They can also monitor the progress of work orders, and inventories on the platform, as well as allocate materials using predictive maintenance.