About WhatsApp API and Its Pricing


Communication is the soul of any business. Business cannot expect consumers to knock their stores and shops, just on the basis of advertisement. Sometimes, businesses have to connect with the customers and in order to connect with them, they need a good platform like that of WhatsApp Business and so on. WhatsApp business is a free platform, but if you want even more enhanced services, then you have to choose and use the paid application which is also known as WhatsApp API for business. It is one of the best ways in which businesses can communicate with their customer on daily basis.

Frequency of Connection/Communication 

One of the most important things that you ought to consider, before switching to the WhatsApp API for your business is to check what is the frequency of your communication with your customers. If you are communicating on daily basis, then one of the best things that you can do is to simply switch to this application. Besides all of that, even if you don’t communicate that much with your customers or on weekly basis, like introduction of a new product or services, or as the case may be, then also, you can switch to this application. This application of WhatsApp API for business is no bar for people.

Criteria or Qualification 

Firstly, there is a criteria or business requirement that you should meet in order to open an account with WhatsApp API. Before all of that, it is also important for you to know that, WhatsApp API is a paid service. Different countries have different rates of the API services. You can click on the link mentioned above and know the rates and services and everything that you want to know about WhatsApp API for business. Also, there are certain limitations and free services like 1000 messages and so on. Besides all of that, the normal amount that you would have paid is somewhere around Rs.854/- per month.

Service Fee 

Besides all of that, the service fee is a fixed cost and, the what’s app charges the business to use the API. Now, the rates and cost have changed and finally, you may have to pay Rs.1899/- per month. It is one of the cheapest costs in India. You will also have to pay for the conversations too. Also, certain costs are there that depends from provider to provider. There are pricing plan options from which you can pick up your choice of plan and pricing. You will also have to pay per conversion too. Some of the plans are as follows – Standard plan which starts at 999/-, then there is a Pro Plan which is for 2499/-. Enterprise plan has custom pricing. Other plans are Marketing Conversations, Utility Conversations, Authentication Conversations & Service Conversations plans.