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Best Ad Networks for Small Publishers (2024)

Ad networks can be hard to accept if you’re a new blogger or small publisher. However, you need not worry—we have you covered! These ad networks are ideal for novice bloggers and smaller publishers. Additionally, they’re all approved swiftly, allowing you to start making money off your material right now. Now go check them out!

Having said that, if you’re looking for Best Pop Under Ad Networks for Publishers, or Even our take on the list of Best Ad Servers that fit best according to your needs, we’ve got you covered on them as well!

  1. AdMaven

This ad networks easily fits into our list of the best ad networks for small Publishers as it helps Publishers seeking expedited clearance for site monetization. This advertising network has no minimum traffic restrictions and is quite well-liked by novice publishers. Bloggers who have very little traffic can apply to become an AdMaven advertiser and make money from their blog. To get started, simply create an account and add their advertisements to your blog.

AdMaven offers the following ad formats: interstitial, pop-up, native push, banner VPN, ad blocker, lightbox, and ads floater. Publishers are paid by AdMaven via wire transfers, PayPal, Payoneer, Bitcoin, and other methods. All you have to do is select on their dashboard your preferred mode of payment.


Another well-liked network for novice publishers in our list of the best ad networks for small Publishers is, which is a reliable substitute for Google AdSense. The ideal course of action for you to take if your blog receives a good quantity of traffic from tier-1 nations is to partner with this advertising network.

Additionally, they provide a bonus 10% commission for the first three months that you earn from For example, you will receive $550 if you make $500 in the first month.

The greatest contextual advertising platform is, which is supported by the networks of Yahoo and Bing. Premium advertisers with a variety of sponsored adverts can be found on their ad network. Within NET30 days, payments are made via PayPal and wire transfers.

It’s the ideal ad network for smaller publishers because it has a strong support staff, a variety of ad formats, CPC offers, and no minimum traffic requirements.

  1. Pop-Up Ads

The best CPM ad network for websites with little traffic in our take on the best ad networks for small Publishers is PopAds. Their dashboard is user-friendly, and they have a $5 minimum payment.

They pay in NET 30 or NET 60 days, with an average revenue of $4 per thousand visits. Their clearance process is rather lax, and using PopAds can bring in a substantial income for tiny publishers.

  1. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is an additional network of ads for small publications. The minimum payout amount is ten dollars. This ad network’s biggest feature is that it pays out $10 and offers a wide variety of ad styles.

The minimum payout amount for PayPal is $10, however it is $50 for bank transfers. The low quality of their advertisements is the reason behind their subpar CTRs. Apart from that, Bidvertiser is a passable network of ads.

  1. RevenueHits

RevenueHits has a 100% fill rate and shows over 2 billion ads daily. They provide a variety of ad types, including popups, text advertisements, rich media, app monetization, customized ad formats, etc., and are renowned for their reliable payouts.

With RevenueHits, publishers of all sizes may work with a plethora of alternatives at their disposal. All you have to do is ask for a customized ad format, and if it makes sense, they will provide it.

The best part is that payments are made on a NET30 basis via bank transfer, PayPal, and Payoneer, with no minimum traffic limitations. Over time, being one of the largest ad networks in the world can help small publications.

  1. AdCash

AdCash provides publishers with a wide range of ad styles, such as in-app, slide-in, display banners, interstitials, and much more. Adcash stands out for offering publishers a variety of revenue choices, including CPM and CPA commissions. They don’t, however, pay on a CPC basis. The amount paid varies according to how well the visitors converts, but you can always switch up the ad formats and run split tests to determine which ones perform the best for your website.

elevated fill rates There are no minimum traffic requirements. AI-powered Reporting Dashboard with $100 threshold and NET30 payment schedule

AdCash isn’t particularly popular because of its CPA commission structure, which could be challenging for publishers to adjust to. Nevertheless, since AdCash offers higher eCPMs, you can always choose their pop-under formats.

  1. AdSense by Google

For inexperienced bloggers and tiny publishers, Google AdSense has long been the most well-liked ad network globally. AdSense offers excellent quality advertising with a 99.9% fill rate and good ad revenue performance.

CPC & CPM provides NET30 payment terms with a $100 payout threshold. minimal standards for entrance elevated fill rate Simple to put into practice on your website regular payments.

Publishers should read AdSense’s program policies and abide by its terms of service after signing up. Your website can display up to three ad units each page after you apply the AdSense code snippet.

Google often selects the most relevant advertising for your page depending on the content and niche of your website. To learn about ad optimization and how to profit from AdSense as a publisher, browse the AdSense video library.

Considerations for Ad Network Traffic

If your account receives fraudulent traffic, it will be closed. The conditions of service of the ad network ban the use of certain niches, like gambling. Regardless of the amount of traffic required, publishers may be excluded from the advertising network. Revenue varies depending on your niche and traffic, even though we’ve tried to rank the highest paying networks at the top of this list.