Best Freelance Platforms to Become a Seller On

Choosing the right freelance websites is essential for those looking to sell services online. The market offers various platforms, each with its strengths and features. Evaluating these options thoroughly can make a significant difference in your freelancing success. In this article, I will discuss some top platforms and why you should consider ComeUp as a standout choice.

Evaluating Freelance Platforms

When selecting a platform, consider factors such as user interface, service categories, fees, payment methods, and support. These elements impact your experience as a seller and your ability to attract and retain clients.

Key Platforms to Consider

Several freelance platforms have gained prominence due to their robust features and large user bases. Here are a few noteworthy ones:


Upwork is known for its extensive client base and diverse project listings. It offers various service categories, allowing freelancers to find work that matches their skills. However, the platform’s fee structure can be complex, with service fees ranging from 5% to 20% depending on your earnings with a client.


Fiverr focuses on offering “gigs” starting at $5, although many services are priced higher. It’s user-friendly and allows freelancers to showcase their skills through portfolios and client reviews. However, Fiverr charges a 20% commission on all sales, which can significantly impact your earnings.

Freelancer provides a wide range of projects and contests. It’s suitable for freelancers who enjoy competing for jobs through bidding. The platform charges a fee of 10% or $5, whichever is greater, on projects.

Why Choose ComeUp

Among these options, ComeUp stands out for several reasons. It offers a seamless process for both sellers and buyers, ensuring a smooth transaction experience.

Service Categories

ComeUp supports a wide array of service categories, including graphic design, SEO, communication, audiovisual services, website development, writing, social media, business, training and coaching, and everyday life. This diversity allows you to find a niche that suits your skills and interests.

Simple Onboarding

Getting started on ComeUp is straightforward. Complete your profile, create your service listing, and introduce yourself and your skills. The approval process is efficient, allowing you to start selling quickly. This ease of entry is beneficial for those new to freelancing or those looking to expand their reach.

Low Fees and Flexible Payments

One of the most appealing aspects of ComeUp is its low fee structure. The platform charges a $1 commission per transaction, making it more cost-effective compared to other platforms that take a larger percentage of your earnings. Additionally, you can withdraw your earnings from the very first dollar without any restrictions, providing financial flexibility.

Security and Confidentiality

ComeUp ensures protection throughout the order process. All discussions and transactions occur on the platform, securing payments and keeping information confidential. This security is crucial for building trust with clients and ensuring smooth transactions.

Positive Reviews and Feedback

Earning positive reviews on ComeUp is straightforward. By applying your skills effectively and meeting client expectations, you can build a strong reputation. The platform’s feedback system allows clients to leave reviews, which can significantly enhance your credibility and attract more business.

Global Reach

With over 900,000 orders delivered worldwide, ComeUp has a proven track record. This extensive reach allows you to tap into a global market, increasing your opportunities to find clients and grow your business.

Practical Advice for Freelancers

To succeed on any freelance platform, including ComeUp, consider these strategies:

Build a Strong Profile

Your profile is your first impression. Ensure it is complete, professional, and showcases your skills effectively. Include a clear description of your services, relevant experience, and examples of your work.

Set Competitive Prices

Pricing your services competitively is essential. Research the market rates for similar services and set your prices accordingly. Offering competitive rates while maintaining high quality can attract more clients.

Communicate Clearly

Effective communication with clients is key to successful transactions. Respond promptly to inquiries, provide clear project proposals, and maintain transparency throughout the process.

Deliver Quality Work

Consistently delivering high-quality work will help you earn positive reviews and build a strong reputation. Satisfied clients are more likely to return for future projects and recommend your services to others.

Stay Organized

Managing multiple projects and deadlines can be challenging. Use tools and systems to stay organized, track your progress, and ensure timely delivery of your work.


Selecting the right freelance platform can significantly impact your success as a seller. While there are several options available, ComeUp stands out for its user-friendly interface, low fees, security features, and global reach. By leveraging these advantages and following best practices, you can establish a thriving freelance business and achieve your professional goals.