6mm BR Brass

Comprehensive Guide to 6mm BR Brass and RWS 1075 Percussion Caps


Precision shooting and black powder firearms require high-quality components to ensure consistent performance and reliability. This guide covers two essential products: 6mm BR brass, widely used in benchrest shooting, and RWS 1075 percussion caps, crucial for black powder firearms. Both products are available from Vortex Reloads, known for their competitive prices and excellent customer service.

6mm BR Brass

What is 6mm BR Brass? 6mm BR brass is specifically designed for benchrest shooting, where precision and consistency are paramount. It is crafted to meet the high standards required for competitive shooting.

Key Features

  • Material: Made from high-quality brass for durability.
  • Consistency: Uniform dimensions and wall thickness.
  • Durability: Annealed neck and shoulder for extended lifespan.
  • Precision: Tight manufacturing tolerances for better chamber fit.

Why Choose Lapua 6mm BR Brass? Lapua is a leading brand in the ammunition industry, known for producing reliable and high-quality brass. Their 6mm BR brass offers superior strength, consistent reloading performance, and premium packaging.


  • Cartridge: 6mm Norma BR
  • Case Length: ~1.560 inches
  • Primer Type: Small Rifle Primer


  • Enhanced accuracy and reliability.
  • Cost-effective due to its reloading potential.
  • Positive customer feedback on quality and performance.

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RWS 1075

RWS 1075 Percussion Caps

What are RWS 1075 Percussion Caps? Percussion caps are essential for igniting the powder charge in black powder firearms. RWS 1075 caps are designed for reliability and consistent performance.

Key Features

  • Reliable Ignition: Ensures consistent firing.
  • Quality Construction: Made from durable materials.
  • Compatibility: Suitable for various black powder firearms.


  • Dependable performance reduces misfires.
  • Easy to handle and seat on the nipple.
  • Versatile use across different black powder guns.

Why Choose RWS 1075 Percussion Caps? RWS is a trusted brand in the ammunition industry, known for their high-quality products. RWS 1075 caps are praised for their dependability and consistent performance.

Customer Feedback Positive reviews highlight the reliability and quality construction of RWS 1075 percussion caps, making them a preferred choice for black powder shooters.

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Whether you are a precision shooter or a black powder enthusiast, choosing the right components is crucial. The 6mm BR brass by Lapua and RWS 1075 percussion caps offer superior quality, reliability, and performance, making them excellent choices for your shooting needs. Visit Vortex Reloads for competitive prices and top-notch customer service on these and other shooting products.