Controlio – Mastering Remote Productivity

The pandemic years have shown a real need of employee monitoring, since these started working remotely. Controlio managed to prove actual implementation, usability and amazing results, becoming one of the top recommendations in this domain. It is an industry-leading monitoring software for employees in any departments, turning into a powerful tool for businesses all around the world. It has received real honors in six different categories for employee monitoring software: Best Relationships, Highest User Adoption, Best Results, Most Implementation and even User most likely to recommend to others. Controlio is also considered top ranking as a Momentum Leader in the area. A true leader among all employee trackers, winning actual awards in various categories.

Customer-first approach software

Controlio is also proud of being a leading customer-centric company with some of the greatest employee monitoring solutions for every business need. It is supposed to help employee achieve higher results and maximum productivity. This software will make the daily work more productive and shorten your way to goal achievement. Due to this efficient Employee-monitoring software, countless businesses have already achieved better results and a higher efficiency, avoiding any kind of time waste in vain during the working hours. Controlio will become a wonderful time manager and tracker that will become a magical weapon for employee monitoring.

Report results of Controlio Employee Monitoring

For the past couple of years, Controlio managed to become extremely productive, helping businesses all over achieve the best possible results and maximum control. The software manages to keep under maximum control employee even while working remotely or part-time. The report results show that it has become the best one in terms of Usability, Best Relationship Index, the easiest one to Implement and Adopt, Momentum Leader and the one that Users are most Likely to Recommend to other users. The information is gathered from its user community and other data aggregated from all kinds of online sources and even social networks available on the net. After several years working with other monitoring softwares, companies has decided to turn to Controlio and managed to reflect the company’s vision pretty simple and fast.

About Controlio

Used by countless people on their computers on a daily basis, Controlio is the best employee tracking system you can trust. It is going to easily boost productivity and even support employee wellbeing and calm. The main features it offers are automatic time tracking, remote work management, employee monitoring and even some more.