Free Online Background Removal Tool

In the booming e-commerce industry, knowing how to remove background from product and other pictures is actually an edge. Removing image backgrounds is a useful technique when it comes to online marketing. Presenting products online is crucial thus images have to be prepared whether having a transparent background, a neutral one, or a plain white backdrop. 

As this technology gets more popular, a lot of developers are finding solutions to make it even better. New online image editing websites also emerge that offer services on how to remove background from image. All of these made it accessible for plenty of people to use this technique on their pictures. 

Image Background Removal with AI Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) mimics how an actual picture editor manipulates pictures to improve them. Just like how a human removes background from pictures, AI identifies which part of the picture is the foreground. The rest of the picture, or the background, is then removed, producing either a transparent background or any color that has been set after background removal.

Removal.AI and Remove BG are just some of the widely used online background removal tools. Here is a preview of how these tools work along with a short tutorial on how to remove background from image using Photoshop. This should give you a comparison as to how easy it is to use AI technology for this picture editing technique.

Remove Background from Pictures using Removal.AI

Removal.AI is one of the most popular online remove bg AI tool today. This tool was made to automate the tedious process of removing image backgrounds. It can remove backgrounds in seconds. This is very impressive especially since it would normally take between 2 to 3 minutes to manually remove a picture’s background. Aside from being automatic, what makes Removal.AI a great choice is that it is always free to use. You can have a picture with a transparent background without paying a picture editor to do it for you. This would make it easier to make any creative projects, such as posters, banners, and even product pictures.  

How to Remove Image Background Using Removal.AI Online Tool

1. Upload a Picture

You can either upload a picture to remove background from your files or put in the URL link if you are editing a picture from the internet.

2. Creates Transparent Background with AI Technolog

As soon as the picture is uploaded, the program will process it. The background will be gone after a few seconds.

3. Download the picture with removed background or custom background

Once the background is removed and you are happy with the result, you have the option to download the picture at a 0.25 megapixel resolution for free. You may also sign up for a premium account wherein you can download up to 12 megapixels resolution. 

If you want to improve the pictures even more, there is built-in online picture editor that is also very easy to use. From there, you can change the image size, add shadows and text, change the background, and more.

A manual background eraser tool is also available if you want to adjust the clipping or further clean the cutout edges.

Remove Background From Picture Using Remove.BG

Remove BG is also a premium option for an online background removal tool.

How to Remove Image Background Online Using Remove Bg

1. Upload the Image

Just like with Removal.AI, you can either upload a file directly from your files or enter the image URL for images from the internet. 

2. Remove Background in Seconds

The system instantly removes the background with only the foreground left on the picture.

3. Download the Output

The file is ready to be downloaded once the editing process is complete. The picture download quality will depend on the paid plan which can be up to a 4K quality. Free version can have the least quality which is the regular. There is also a picture editor where you can edit the final result if you want to.

Graphic and web designers who are looking for a tool to edit their snapshots quickly can use both Removal.AI and Remove BG. These tools are quite handy because they can be accessed in any browser as long as there is an internet connection.

How to Remove Background in Photoshop

When talking about picture editing, it cannot be avoided to discuss Adobe Photoshop. Everybody who is into picturegraphy or are working with pictures wants to learn how to use it.

There are many picture editing techniques that you can do to improve using Photoshop. Background removal, however, is complex and may not be suited for those who are not too familiar with how Photoshop works.

To give you an idea how it works, here is a quick guide on how to remove background from image using Photoshop:

  • Open your image in Photoshop then locate the “Layers” window that is usually on the right-hand side of the screen. Click on the small lock icon on the right side of the thumbnail then drag it onto the trash.
  • You will see that instead of “Background”, the layer is labeled as “Layer 0”.
  • Click the Quick Select tool from the toolbar and choose the part of the picture that you want to be erased by clicking and holding the mouse button then dragging it
  • The selected areas can now be deleted by pressing on the Delete button.
  • The checkerboard pattern will show up on the deleted areas which represent the transparent parts of the image.
  • You may save the image with a transparent background by either choosing “Save for Web” or “Choose PNG”.

The Importance of Background Remover for Professionals

As a professional who works with images, you very well know that quality is a must with every picture. Whether it is for a promotional campaign or as product pictures, professional-quality pictures are very effective. Especially with e-commerce, pictures say a lot about the quality of the actual product. Customers are only convinced that a product is good if it actually looks good in pictures.

Although not all pictures necessarily look bad with their backgrounds, removing them can really give the pictures more impact. It is also a marketing strategy, in a way, because some customers get distracted with backgrounds. A clear background makes all focus directed towards the product, which is great if you want to make sales.

A background remover can be great for e-commerce but there are more people who benefits the most out of it, including:

Graphic Designers: 

An automatic background removal makes the work of Graphic Designers easier. They can quickly work on their creative designs if the pictures already have a transparent background.

Web Developers:

Web Developers usually use pictures with a white background so they can easily integrate pictures into their designs.

Marketing Agencies:

Marketing Agencies largely use pictures without backgrounds for their campaigns. This is a crucial factor in making sure that they get the campaigns right without distracting the audience with an unnecessary background.

Real Estate:

Just like in the e-commerce industry, realtors need to make the pictures of the properties they are selling to look great so that potential buyers get enticed. They do this by changing the background of the models so they can look more inviting.


Online background removal websites are great choices when you are after a quick and easy method of removing or replacing background from images. The quality is also exceptionally good from an automated picture editing, especially because the tools are powered with AI technology. The tools are usually free and quality becomes even better when a paid version is chosen.

As for desktop applications, Photoshop remains popular but there are also other good options, like PowerPoint. Photoshop, as usual, is intended for more advanced users and is perfect for difficult to edit pictures. PowerPoint is simple and intuitive and can also deliver high-quality outputs.