How Long is the iPhone 12

When the iPhone 12 was introduced to the market, it marked yet another evolution in Apple’s storied smartphone lineage. Beyond the enhanced capabilities and internal specifications, the physical dimensions of the device, particularly its length, generated considerable interest. But when we ask, “How long is the iPhone 12?”, it’s essential to realize that there’s more to this question than just raw measurements.

Breaking Down the iPhone 12 Series

Apple’s iPhone 12 isn’t a single device but a series comprising multiple models:

  1. iPhone 12 Mini: The compact and pocket-friendly offering.
  2. iPhone 12: The standard bearer of the lineup.
  3. iPhone 12 Pro: A more feature-rich variant, sitting between the standard and the Max.
  4. iPhone 12 Pro Max: The largest, most feature-packed model in the series.

Each of these models differs slightly in size and, consequently, in length.

Measuring the Length: Model by Model

  • iPhone 12 Mini: Standing at 5.18 inches (131.5 mm) in length.
  • iPhone 12: This model stretches a bit more, measuring 5.78 inches (146.7 mm).
  • iPhone 12 Pro: Identical in length to the standard iPhone 12, it’s 5.78 inches (146.7 mm) long.
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: The most elongated of the bunch, with a length of 6.33 inches (160.8 mm).

Design Elements Influencing Length

Apple’s design philosophy embraces a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Several features contribute to the length of the iPhone 12 models:

1. Display Size:
The screen dimensions predominantly influence the length. For instance, the iPhone 12 Mini’s 5.4-inch screen is naturally more compact than the 6.7-inch display on the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

2. Bezels:
Apple has progressively reduced bezels in its newer models. The minimized bezels in the iPhone 12 series play a role in maximizing screen real estate while slightly impacting the device’s length.

3. Build Material:
The integration of Ceramic Shield, combined with aerospace-grade aluminum or stainless steel edges, influences the device’s overall dimensions.

Practical Implications of Length

The iPhone’s length directly impacts its:

  • Portability: How easily it fits in pockets or purses.
  • Ergonomics: How comfortable it is to hold and operate, especially one-handed.
  • Visual Experience: A longer phone can offer a more immersive viewing experience, beneficial for media consumption.


Q1: How does the iPhone 12’s length compare to its predecessors?
A: The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are slightly taller than the iPhone 11. The shift to the iPhone 12 Mini and Pro Max offers shorter and longer alternatives, respectively.

Q2: Why does the iPhone 12 Pro share its length with the standard iPhone 12?
A: Both phones have a 6.1-inch display, and despite differing in other specs, their physical size is identical.

Q3: Do phone cases alter the iPhone 12’s length significantly?
A: While cases add to the thickness and sometimes the width, they don’t notably change the device’s length.

Q4: Is the iPhone 12 Mini’s reduced length a compromise on features?
A: Not really. While the display and battery are smaller, the Mini packs the same powerful chipset and dual-camera system as the standard iPhone 12.

Q5: Has the iPhone 12 series length impacted its popularity?
A: While individual preferences vary, the range of sizes in the iPhone 12 lineup ensures there’s a model for different tastes and needs.