How Much Do AirPod Pros Cost

When Apple introduced the AirPods, they revolutionized the wireless earbud market. The subsequent release of the AirPods Pro took the world by storm with enhanced features, noise cancellation capabilities, and a revamped design. Yet, one query consistently circulates in forums, stores, and conversations: “How much do AirPod Pros cost?” We’re here to provide an all-encompassing answer, dissecting not just the price but the value they offer.

The Basic Price Breakdown

At launch in late 2019, Apple’s AirPods Pro was priced at $249 in the US. This cost included the AirPods Pro earbuds, a wireless charging case, and standard Apple warranty coverage. Over time, prices may have shifted due to various factors such as regional taxes, promotions, or currency exchange rates.

Factors Influencing AirPods Pro Pricing

  1. Region: The cost of AirPods Pro can vary from one country to another due to import taxes, duties, and regional business strategies.
  2. Retailer Promotions: Authorized third-party retailers or even Apple might have seasonal promotions or bundle deals which can affect the overall price.
  3. Warranty and AppleCare: While AirPods Pro comes with a basic warranty, opting for AppleCare can increase the cost but provides extended protection.
  4. Accessories and Customization: Additional accessories like protective cases, ear tips, or personalized engravings can add to the overall cost.

AirPods Pro: Beyond the Price Tag

When gauging the cost of AirPods Pro, it’s vital to understand the value:

  1. Active Noise Cancellation (ANC): One of the standout features, ANC offers an immersive sound experience, filtering out ambient noise.
  2. Spatial Audio: This feature provides dynamic sound, making it feel like audio is coming from all around, enhancing the listening experience.
  3. Sweat and Water Resistance: Unlike the standard AirPods, the Pro variant boasts an IPX4 rating, offering resistance to sweat and water splashes.
  4. Adaptive EQ: This automatically tunes music to the shape of your ear for a richer, more consistent listening experience.

Comparison with Standard AirPods

To genuinely fathom the cost of AirPods Pro, comparing them with their sibling, the standard AirPods, which are priced lower, is beneficial. The Pro version offers enhanced features like ANC, better fit, and water resistance, which account for the price difference.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the price of AirPods Pro worth it?

The value of AirPods Pro depends on individual preferences. If features like noise cancellation and spatial audio are essential, the price is justified.

Do AirPods Pro often go on sale?

Promotions vary by retailer and region. While Apple occasionally offers discounts, third-party retailers might have more frequent sales.

Can I buy individual components like just the earbuds or the charging case?

Yes, Apple offers individual replacements at a specific cost, useful if you lose or damage a component.


“How much do AirPod Pros cost?” is more than a question about a price tag. It’s an inquiry into value, features, and comparison with other products in the market. While the AirPods Pro comes with a premium price, the plethora of advanced features they offer justifies the cost for many. As always, consider your unique preferences and needs when making a purchase decision.