How to Turn Sound Off on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch offers a range of notification and alert features, providing auditory cues for messages, appointments, and various other types of notifications. While these audible alerts can be handy, there are situations where you might prefer to have the sound turned off. In this article, we will guide you through the process of muting the sound on your Apple Watch.

Why You Might Want to Turn Off Sound

  1. In a Meeting or Class: You might not want your watch to make noise during a meeting, class, or another quiet setting.
  2. Sleeping: If you wear your Apple Watch to bed for sleep tracking, turning off sound can prevent it from waking you.
  3. Personal Preference: Some users prefer to rely on haptic feedback instead of sound for notifications.

How to Turn Sound Off on Apple Watch

  1. Using the Watch Itself:
    • Open the ‘Settings’ app on your Apple Watch.
    • Scroll down and tap on ‘Sounds & Haptics’.
    • Use the volume slider to turn the sound all the way down, or toggle the ‘Mute’ option.
  2. Using the iPhone Paired with the Watch:
    • Open the ‘Watch’ app on your iPhone.
    • Go to ‘My Watch’ tab.
    • Tap ‘Sounds & Haptics’.
    • Adjust the Alert Volume slider to the desired level or toggle the ‘Mute’ switch on.
  3. Quick Mute Using the Cover to Mute Feature:
    • Enable ‘Cover to Mute’ in ‘Sounds & Haptics’ settings either on the watch or the iPhone.
    • If your watch makes a sound, simply cover the display with your palm for three seconds, and it will be muted.

How to Customize Vibration Settings

If you still want to receive notifications without sound, you can customize the haptic feedback:

  • Go to ‘Sounds & Haptics’ in the ‘Settings’ on your watch or the ‘Watch’ app on your iPhone.
  • You can adjust the Haptic Strength or enable Prominent Haptic for more pronounced vibrations.


Turning off the sound on your Apple Watch is a straightforward process that can be accomplished through the watch itself or via the paired iPhone. Whether you’re in a situation that requires silence or simply prefer to not have auditory notifications, these settings allow you to easily control how your watch alerts you.

Remember, even with the sound off, you can still use the haptic feedback to receive subtle and discreet notifications directly on your wrist. This flexibility in notification management makes the Apple Watch a versatile tool for personal communication and time management.