Icertis vs Ironclad: Which One Will Win?

Handling contract processes is cumbersome and time-consuming. Companies spend fortunes hiring an agreement expert to seal a deal. These professionals spend resources collecting information and documents needed to finalize a contract with a stakeholder. 

With an automated program, you can still receive these services at a lower rate and within a shorter period. Contract management software like Icertis and Ironclad have features that support this process. Therefore, get the right tool to complete the contract process for your business. Here are elements to help you decide on Icertis vs Ironclad.  

Contract management software is available at different prices. Before picking an agreement tool, you need to consider the installation and running costs. For instance, you will forgo the installation costs and the expense of hiring external engineers with Icertis and Ironclad software. The contract tools are easy to install and have a simple user interface. They come with instructions to guide you on how to complete the setup process. 

Icertis and Ironclad have almost the same elements to ensure your agreements are correctly completed. Even so, you should check with the providers to determine whether they are compatible with your operating system. Inquire whether the application you pick requires additional equipment to operate.   

The contract management tools have personalized dashboards that contain all contracts. You can also access closed agreements on the software repository element. Filters will ensure that you get the needed document on time. The dashboard has options to search for a contract and download it.  

These agreement management applications consolidate and align data from various departments during the contract process. The tools will access your emails, staff portfolios, and phone records to collect details required in agreement signing. These contract management apps will ensure all departments collaborate and provide the necessary data for the upcoming process.

You can customize the editing features of these tools to match your agreement demands. These tools allow one to add comments, track adjustments, as well as make corrections to an agreement document. Companies with complex deals require software that supports long texts and numerous editing. Check out with the software company whether their brands meet this requirement.

A signature shows that both parties have agreed. Previously, companies and stakeholders were signing the documents to show their agreement. The case is the same with digital contracts, as the agreement management software allows involved parties to sign. You can access a signature provider with your Icertis and Ironclad software.   

Ironclad software has a contract flow designer that operates without a code. You will be using this feature to design your contract. Available templates have two sides to ensure you and your partner are well-represented. Icertis provides contract processes and templates. These templates have the necessary terms and conditions from both parties. 


The contract management software function requires automation to save your company resources. Ensure that parties participating in the agreement signing are familiar with these tools. Get contract software that is compatible with your equipment and applications.