Is Comcast and Xfinity the Same

Is Comcast and Xfinity the Same

When it comes to telecommunications and cable services in the United States, two names often pop up: Comcast and Xfinity. Many people are confused about the relationship between Comcast and Xfinity. Are they the same company? Is one a subsidiary of the other? This article aims to clarify the relationship between Comcast and Xfinity and shed light on their respective roles within the telecommunications industry.

The Origins of Comcast

Comcast Corporation is an American telecommunications conglomerate. It is the second-largest broadcasting and cable television company in the world by revenue, and the largest cable TV company and home internet service provider in the United States.

Comcast was founded in 1963 by Ralph J. Roberts, Daniel Aaron, and Julian A. Brodsky. The company originally focused on cable services but gradually expanded into various telecommunications services and content production.

Introduction of Xfinity

In 2010, Comcast launched Xfinity as a new brand. Xfinity was introduced as a way for Comcast to rebrand and better represent the range of services it offers. Under the Xfinity brand, Comcast provides various consumer services including cable TV, internet, telephone, and home security.

It’s important to note that Xfinity is not a separate company; it’s a brand under the Comcast Corporation umbrella. Comcast remains the corporate name, while Xfinity is the brand through which it provides its consumer services.

Why the Rebranding?

One reason for the rebranding was to differentiate the consumer services arm of the business from the corporate entity. Comcast, at the corporate level, is involved in various business activities including content production through NBCUniversal, and ventures in film, theme parks, and more.

The rebranding to Xfinity also gave Comcast a way to freshen its image and distance itself from past customer service issues that had tarnished the Comcast name for some consumers.

Summarizing the Relationship

To summarize, Comcast is the parent company, while Xfinity is a brand under Comcast that provides cable TV, internet, phone, and home security services to consumers.

When you sign up for residential internet or cable TV services, you are likely to interact with the Xfinity brand. However, when referring to the corporation as a whole, especially when discussing corporate actions, investments, or holdings like NBCUniversal, the name Comcast is used.


In essence, Comcast and Xfinity are part of the same entity, with Comcast being the parent corporation and Xfinity being the brand through which consumer services are offered. Understanding this distinction helps to clarify the roles each name plays in the market and helps consumers better understand the company or brand they are interacting with.