What Year Did the iPhone 8 Come Out

When we think about smartphones that have left a lasting impact, the iPhone 8 is one that certainly comes to mind. This particular iPhone model served as a bridge between the traditional iPhone design and the modern era of bezel-less smartphones. But what year did the iPhone 8 come out, and why was this release so pivotal? Let’s explore the details.

The Official Release Year and Date

The iPhone 8 was officially launched by Apple on September 12, 2017. The device was available for pre-order just a few days later on September 15, and it was released to the public on September 22, 2017. This launch date followed Apple’s longstanding tradition of unveiling new iPhone models in September to capitalize on the holiday shopping season.

The Significance of the 2017 Launch

The year 2017 was remarkable for Apple for several reasons:

  • 10th iPhone Anniversary: Apple celebrated the 10th anniversary of the iPhone in 2017, marking a decade since the release of the original iPhone.
  • Introduction of iPhone X: Alongside the iPhone 8, Apple also introduced the iPhone X, which showcased the future direction of iPhone design with its edge-to-edge display and facial recognition technology.
  • iOS 11: This was the first iPhone to ship with iOS 11, which introduced new features like ARKit for augmented reality and a revamped Control Center.

Design and Features

The iPhone 8 did not deviate much from the traditional iPhone design. However, it did introduce some notable changes:

  • Glass Back: One of the standout features was its glass back, which enabled wireless charging.
  • Retina HD Display: The device featured a Retina HD display with True Tone technology for more natural and accurate colors.
  • Improved Camera: While retaining a single-lens 12MP rear camera, the device boasted enhanced capabilities like optical image stabilization and a larger sensor for better low-light performance.

Sharing the Limelight with the iPhone X

The iPhone 8 had to share the spotlight with the iPhone X, which was a far more radical departure in terms of design and features. Yet, the iPhone 8 held its own, appealing to users who were looking for a more familiar design but still wanted upgraded features like wireless charging.


Was the iPhone 8 overshadowed by the iPhone X?

Though the iPhone X garnered more attention due to its new features and design, the iPhone 8 remained popular for those wanting a blend of new and familiar elements.

What was the initial price of the iPhone 8?

The starting price of the iPhone 8 was $699 for the base model with 64GB of storage.

What are the color choices for the iPhone 8?

The iPhone 8 was initially available in three colors: Silver, Space Gray, and Gold.

Does the iPhone 8 support wireless charging?

Yes, the iPhone 8 was among the first iPhones to support wireless charging, thanks to its glass back.

When was the iPhone 8 discontinued?

The iPhone 8 was officially discontinued in April 2020, following the release of the second-generation iPhone SE.


Launched in the significant year of 2017, the iPhone 8 stands as a remarkable device in the iPhone lineage. Though it had to share the stage with the groundbreaking iPhone X, it proved that there was still a place for incremental but meaningful improvements in the smartphone market. While not as revolutionary as some of its siblings, the iPhone 8 provided a blend of the old and new, serving as a transitional device that prepared users for the future of smartphones.